All doctoral candidates within GS-IMTR are required to participate in an individual qualification program, which includes technical (subject-specific) courses and soft-skill courses. The precise requirements, along with rules on admission and graduation, are described in the legally-binding Bylaws (currently in the process of formal approval). Information on University courses related to the topics pursued in GS-IMTR will be published here. Moreover, GS-IMTR plans to attract further education content by inviting guest scientists.

The European Test Symposium (ETS'19) offers the 3 days Test Spring School (TSS@ETS 2019, May 24th-27th) for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students who will be introduced into most up-to-date concepts in test, reliability, security, etc. Renowned experts will give lectures and will cover the main challenges of hardware test issues and infrastructures.

This year TSS 2019 is financially supported by several companies, namely  Advantest, Intel and Mentor Graphics (a Siemens business). We would like to thank them for the generous financial sponsorship and support.

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Prof. Dr.

Jens Anders

Institute of Smart Sensors

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