All doctoral candidates within GS-IMTR are required to participate in an individual qualification program, which includes technical (subject-specific) courses from the list below and soft-skill courses. Moreover, GS-IMTR plans to attract further education content by inviting guest scientists (announced in the "News" section of this website).

List of eligible courses:

  • Advanced mathematics for signal and information processing (Bin Yang)
  • Advanced Software Testing and Analysis (Stefan Wagner)
  • Circuit design in nanometer scaled CMOS (Jens Anders)
  • Deep learning (Bin Yang)
  • Detection and Pattern Recognition (Bin Yang)
  • Electronic Design Automation (Ilia Polian)
  • Hardware Oriented Security (Ilia Polian)
  • Information Visualization and Visual Analytics (Steffen Koch)
  • Introduction to Modern Cryptography (Ralf Küsters)
  • Physical Design of Integrated Circuits (Manfred Berroth)
  • RF CMOS (Jens Anders)
  • Robust System Design (Ilia Polian)
  • Scientific Visualization (Thomas Ertl)
  • Security and Privacy (Ralf Küsters)
  • Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing (Bin Yang)
  • Statistische und Stochastische Grundlagen (Dirk Pflüger)
  • System and Web Security (Ralf Küsters)
  • Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Visual Computing (Daniel Weiskopf)
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Jens Anders

Prof. Dr.

Institute of Smart Sensors

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